New sponsorship projects for 2021

We would like to introduce you to our planed sponsorship projects in 2021

Project 01/2021 Continuing Sponsorship Work for and with the Organization  YOUPSA, Hankey, Eastern Cape,  "South Africa

We intend to continue our cooperation with Youth Potential South Africa – YOUPSA. Youth Potential South Africa - YOUPSA is a Non-Profit- and Public Benefit Organisation (NPO 156-968 / PBO 930051112), founded by Ray Schöne und Alexis Salaman in 2015. “We bring education alive by igniting the inner spark in youth”, says Ray Schöne, one of the co-founders of YOUPSA. Ray and Alexis both have vast experience in charitable work in rural South Africa, Namibia and Kenya.

They partner with disadvantaged schools in remote rural areas in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa and impact students and their communities, school principals, teachers and School Governing Bodies (SGB). We sponsored an education project implementing a literacy station for a rural school in 2018 and we could convince ourselves oft he efficient work of YOUPSA realizing the result of our sponsorship project during one of our visit in the Eastern Cape.

In our new project we will sponsor the "After School Enrichment Program" of YOUPSA (pls. see 01/2021 rubric "New and realized Sposorship projects"

Project 02/2021 Continuing Sponsorship Work for and with the Children’s Ward St. Joseph’s Home in Montana-South Africa for chronically ill children

The St. Joseph’s Home is  does provide professional medical care for chronically ill children.
The home is guided in all their actions and decisions by the “Best Interest of the  Child”  and  is equipped with all  necessary clinical facilities including  leisure  facilities  to provide best possible care for the chronically ill children. Most of the patients come from the Cape Metropolitan area and many of them from Western-Cape region.

The model of St. Joseph’s is holistic in that addresses that the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, educational and social needs of the children. A team of health care professionals work together with the parents/family/caregivers to facilitate the child’s healing and development. 
We have recently been contacted by the CEO that they are in urgent need of special medical beds for their children for t he post operative care o ft he children. The rate sponsoring a bed for one year including medical care for a child is  approx. 2700.- Euro. In 2017 we could equip a play and education room with E-learning computers for the children.

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