Project –Updates of our running and expired sponsorship projects

Bettina Wulkow visited a primary school in Hankey Valley, South Africa[Bettina Wulkow visited a primary school in Hankey Valley, South Africa]

Frequently we check our sponsorship projects. Unfortunately by SARS COVID 19 and travel restrictions of some countries it’s currently not possible for us to inform us on-site about the progress of our supported projects by our self. Therefor we ask our project partners in these countries for giving us updates about the progress.

We kindly would like to inform our homepage visitors about the progress of the following latest and expired projects we have sponsored:

Projekt 01/2021 :  Cooperation sponsorhip project with YOUPSA for educational opportunities for children in the  Gamtoos Valley, South Africa

The "After-School Enrichment Program" in which we cooperate with Youpsa is the only place in this area where the children and youth can learn with fun, can be creative and express themselves freely and takes care for the a.m. arising problems. It awakes the creativity, potential and purpose of the children wherby Youpsa nurtures and grows literacy, social-emotional skills, problem solving, creative and critical thinking skills for disadvantaged children and youth, skills, that are neither developed in the schools nor in their communities.

The Dieter and Bettina Wulkow Foundation supports the weekly workshops and programs which take place on nearby farms or in their villages. The program contains a variety of personal development activities, arts, drama, team and leadership building, mathematic learning with fun, literacy skills and fun activities for body and mind. A healthy snack is served to every child each time. Both leaders of YOUPSA, Ray Schöne and Alexis Salaman are well experienced in teaching and in psychological skills. Both work for many years with disadvantaged children in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The After-School Enrichment program is the second cooperation project in which we could take part with Youpsa.

Former expired sponsorship projects:

Our foundation by support of friends and sub donors was able to sponsor many very interesting humanitarian projects, we also steady have informed about in our home page (column “News” and “realized projects”)

At present we have ask for some updates in the following sponsorship projects:

- Safe Hafen in Struisbaai/Southern Cape South Africa: We have sponsored  the childrens home of the Organisation „Safe Haven“ a number of times, at last the  roof finish of the new  extension „Childrens Home Flying Eagles“ and the fencing of the home areal.

- BUSZ Hospital in Zambales, Philippines

Repeatedly we have supported the humanitarian engagement of the Australian Doctor Ms. Valery Smith-Orr. 

Mrs. Valerie Smith-Or, a „clinical nurse specialist in burns and plastic surgery“ is the founder and the Head of the small medical care ward, the BUSZ Station (burns unit for Bata in Zambales) for seriously burns injured children and children with congenital malformation cheilognathoschisis,).

Valerie Smith-Or spent all her money and belongings to help the poorest, heavily injured and physically handicapped children living in the region of Central-Luzon. She cares for seriously burns injured children and children with congenital malformation.; those who cannot afford medical care and treatment in a hospital. Without the assistance and help of Valerie, these kids would either die or suffer from physical harm for their whole life.

We sponsored a Pick-up car to take injured patients to the closest located hospital (James Gordon Hospital) in Olangapo. It is there, where Valerie und auxiliary nurses provide the first aid to whoever patient required. As most of her patients are very poor that they cannot afford a medical treatment in hospital, Valerie takes them out of the hospital after only one day and provides them a continuing medical care treatment free of charge in her own small facility, the BUSZ Station.
Moreover we sponsored the travel, board and lodging and work of 2 voluntary skilled hospital and care assistants who worked for several months at the BUSZ Station in Zambales/Philippines. We supported to medically help a A 9 year old patient, Sandy, with severe burns injuries. She should be medically attended in a Hospital in Munich/Germany but the medical specialists decided to wait with the medical treatment/operation until her growing process of her body is completed.

- Malawi Med – Holy Mission Hospital in Phalombe, Malawi:

For the Holy Mission Hospital in 2017 we have supported the engagement of approaching young medicine students and doctors of the University Heidelberg in Malawi, Africa.

At their Hospital in Phalombe, they assist in the treatment of very ill patients and help to improve the medical situation in this hospital. We sponsored an intensive care unit (ICU for the paediatrics ward to attend critically ill children requiring monitoring of complicated cases such as malaria.
The Intensive care unit is a monitoring system for continuous monitoring (with pulsoxymeter for O2-saturation and pulse, blood pressure). We have been reported that due to high dust concentration in Phalombe, the Inhalation systems failed working and new refillable O2 bottles are required which will be made available and supplied by the University Hospital Heidelberg.   


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