Desert Flower Center - Waldfriede, Berlin

Donation handed over by Bettina Wulkow to Bernd Quoss, President of DFC Hospital Waldfriede

The Dieter and Bettina Wulkow Foundation does sponsorship with their contribution of € 2530.-- the surgery of a young Somalian woman who became victim of female genital mutilation (FGM). Acc. to the World Health Organization still millions of women are mutilated and although that FGM is prohibited and put under punishment in many countries. Thus information and clarification is essential to help women to prevent from FGM. As many of young mutilated women are traumatized it is our wish to make a contribution, even a small one, but nevertheless a contribution to help mutilated women to get back their dignity and to get out of social isolation back into a social environment.
(photos by our own and the Desert Flower Center Waldfriede, Berlin, released for Dieter & Bettina Wulkow Foundation for use of publication)

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