Project –Updates of our running and expired sponsorship projects

Frequently we check our sponsorship projects. Unfortunately by SARS COVID 19 and travel restrictions of some countries it’s currently not possible for us to inform us on-site about the progress of our supported projects by our self. Therefor we ask our project partners in these countries fo ... → more


Project 02/2021 Sponsorship for St. Josephs Home for chronically Children in Montana South Africa

The project 02/2021 is still in negotiation. With our new sponsorship we will support the vulnarable and chronically ill as well as disabled children of the St. Josephs Home, who are treated and staying long term in this ward. In 2017 we already supported the childrens education by sponsoring com ... → more


Project 01/2021 Cooperation Sponsorship YOUPSA

Our foundation supported disadvantaged rural children in the Oudshoorn area, Western Cape, South Africa. We at second time behind 2018 we cooperate with the organzation YOUPSA to support the education in the "After School enrichment program. The children enjoy reading ... → more


Second updated information report of our sponsorship project 01/2020

Powerhouse for poor and deprived children in the rural area in Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina

Recently we received a brief information report from Argentina referring to the progress of our sponsorship project „Powerhouse for p ... → more


Project 03/2021 Sponsorship for a highly skilled Master Student of the Music- and Theatre-University Leipzig-Germany

Mrika Sefa, possessing high abilities in piano playing music who won several concert awards already is presently studying music and theatre sciences in Leipzig. She financed her study courses giving piano concerts what is currently not possible facing the COVID 19 situation. Thus she contact ... → more


New sponsorship projects for 2021

We would like to introduce you to our planed sponsorship projects in 2021

Project 01/2021 Continuing Sponsorship Work for and with the Organization  YOUPSA, Hankey, Eastern Cape,  "South Africa

We intend to continue our cooperation with Youth Pot ... → more


Merry Christmas and a happy New Year

Dear friends and supporters of the Dieter & Bettina Wulkow Foundation, we wish you a Merry Christmas, peaceful Season Holidays and a happy and a healthy New Year 2021

Dieter & Bettina Wulkow

... → more


Project 03/2020 Donation for a refugee family from Somalia

We moretimes have informed about the legs-amputated boy named Abdi and his mother from Somalia (project 04/2028 and 03/2019). Furtunately one of the daughter and a sister of Abdi who was missed in the civil war in Somalia, could be founded and was brought to Germany to her mother and Abdi. The fo ... → more


Project 02/2020 Contribution for Youth Work of the Protestant Church Congregation in our Home City Wetzlar-Garbenheim

Our Foundation supported the Youth Work of the Protestant Church Congregation Wetzlar-Garbenheim. A contribution of 600.-€ for teaching and bible materials was made to support the confirmands education work.  The Youth classes do usually take place in the Church Facility/Hall of the Pro ... → more


Project 01/2020 Update Report Powerhouse for poor and deprived children in Concepción del Uruguay, Argentina

We recently received a brief status report from the Powerhouse in Argentina informing of their daily work and current situation. The situation in Concepción del Uruguay is currently not easy due to Covid-19. Thus we don’t have many pictures. Neverthe ... → more