Update zu Sponsorship 05/2023- Sponsorship Technical College C.E.T. Koudougou, Burkina Faso

We received the information that our contribution for the professional education on the Technical College C.E.T. Koudougou, Burkina Faso has been sucessfully applied for the required interior fittungs of the school building such as doors and windows. The CEO Heidi Stiewink of chariable organisati ... → more


Project 05/2023 Sponsorship for education material for Technical College CPET Koudougou, Burkina Faso

Our foundation supported the campaign of TIKATO "Brot fuer die Welt" to sponsor the professional education on the Technical College CPET in Koudougou, Burkina Faso. More information will follow. 

Photos with permission to publish: TIKATO, Wetzlar-Germany

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Support 04/2023 Young Symphony Orchestra Wetzlar (JSOW) for the youth work of young musicians

The Dieter & Bettina Wulkow Foundation again in this year has supported the youth work of young musicians of the JSOW by a gratuity of 350.00 Euro.

Since 1987 the amateur orchestra plays music  and targeting to bring classic music closer to young peop ... → more


Project 01/2023 YOUPSA After School Enrichment Program for disadvantaged children in South Africa-Western Cape

We recently could support again the charitable association YOUPSA with a contribution of € 2.000.- for their educational work with children and pupils in the rural area of Western Cape, South Africa. YOUPSA offers different education courses in weekly afternoon sessons. A complete project de ... → more


Happy New Year 2023 to all of our donors, friends and relatives

Happy New Year to all of our donors of our Foundation. We wish to you luck, prosperity an health .

Dieter and Bettina Wulkow

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Happy Seasons Greetings and a Happy New Year 2023

Christmas Season and Turn of the Year - that will bring us time to pause, time to meditate, to send Christmas greetings and best wishes to all, who are standing close to us. To them who enriching go along with us we light up the candles and we will keep them in our hearts. We wish you and your fa ... → more


Annual Review of our foundation work and the realized sponsorship projects in 2022 as well as our sponsorship preview 2023

From time to time we do report  of our charitable work of our foundation and the sponsorship projects realized by the Dieter & Bettina Wulkow Foundation. In 2022 we could support 5 projects with an amount of 6.110,00 €. Although our work and traveli ... → more


Project 05/2022 Sponsorship "1-2-3 I can see" of the organization "Light for the World-Germany, Munich"

Our Foundation supports the charitable aid program „1-2-3 I can see“ of the international organization „Light for the World“ for eye inspections of children in Afria by a sponsorship of 1.560,- €. With this since 2019 applied program Light for the World treat children ... → more


Project 04/2022 Sponsorship for young musicians of the Young Symphony Orchestra, Wetzlar

The Dieter & Bettina Wulkow Foundation by a sponsorship of 250,00 € supports the education and orchestra work of young musicians of the Young Symphony Orchestra Wetzlar/Germany. The Orchestra has 65 activ members and is engaged in performance classic concerts, film and choral music. If y ... → more


Project 03/2022 Promotion of education and elucidation (FGM) on Kenyan Hedge-Schools – We support the project of pre-treatment consultation of the woman writer Ntailan Lolkoki

Ntailan Lolkoki is a Kenyan book writer specialized on FGM for young girls in Kenia.
Natailan has grown up as girl of the Maasai tribe in a small village Barsaloi in the Maralal region in Northern Kenya. When she was 12 years old she suffered tremendous harm fro ... → more