Project 02/2019 Final report of our sponsoring of the childrens intensive care unit of the Holy Family Mission Hospital, Phalombe, Malawi, Africa

Recently we received a final report from MalawiMed e.V. Heidelberg in which the young doctors and doctor aspirants of the University Heidelberg reffered about the progress of our supported aid project 02/2017 for the Childrens Intensive Care Unit of the Holy Family Mission Hospital Phalombe, Mala ... → more


Project 02/2019 Update: Elucidation, care, medical treatment and education of Kenyan girls and young women affected by FGM

Our Foundation intended the promotion of the rescue centres of Ms. Evelyne Brenda, Kenya by the Hospital Waldfriede/Berlin-Germany / Desert Flower Centre.

... → more


Project 05/2018 - Sponsorship for working with children and youth in the country side area of Vogelsberg-Germany

On March 16th, 2018 the Minister and congregation members of the protestant church located in Bobenhausen II organized a “Scarvenger Hunt Ralley” for childs in their congregation” helping the children of the congregation to discover and learn more about Bible historie ... → more


Project 01/2019 Sponsorship of an education course at the August-Bebel-School, Wetzlar-Germany

An amount of 1.250,- Euro could handed over to the Director of the August-Bebel-School Wetzlar, Ms Melanie Karl and the teacher Ms. Julia Ufer by Dieter and Bettina Wulkow. With the contribution a separate education course for refugee pupils could be established and m ... → more


Project 03/2019 Contribution for Integrated Comprehensive School IGS Solms handed over

The Board Members of the Dieter and Bettina Wulkow Foundation handed over their contribution to the Project Leaders of the Theatre Group of the IGS Solms. At present, there are working two mandatory elective art courses on a special theatre workshop project. The ... → more


Project 03/2019 Sponsorship of education and talents for pupils at a School in Solms/Germany

Our Foundation supports an art- and theatre workshop at the Integrated Comprehensive School (IGS) in Solms/Germany. Under the issue “Sponsorship of exploration of individual creativity and special talents” the playfully education of the workshop is staying ... → more


Our both first aid projects 01/ and 02/2019 are concluded

Our foundation has decided the sponsorship of the following projects:

1. “Sponsorship of a special class for refugee pupils at the August-Bebel-Comprehensive School in Wetzlar/Germany”

By an engaged schoolmistress a remedial course will be organized as an additional tu ... → more


Project 04/2018: Update and extension of the Education Sponsorship for a knee amputated young Somalien refugee

A couple of months ago we introduced to sponsor education of young refugees in Germany. We started to sponsor with our sponsorship project 04/2018 the school education of a joung Somalian handicapped refugee which we enhanced by creating a new sponsorship project 01/2019.

At suggestion of ... → more


Project 05/2018 - Sponsorship for working with children and youth in the country side area of Vogelsberg-Germany

The members of the Foundation Board concluded to sponsor an education, care and leisure facility for children and youth of the protestant church congregation in Bobenhausen 2/Vogelsberg.The refurbishing work and will be organised by the Church Minister Dr. Detlef Metz. The Dieter and Bettina Wulk ... → more


Project 03/2018 – the new Childrens‘ Home „Safe Haven Nest for Young Eagles

All parties involved are more than delighted to see that the Childrens’ Home and Next for Young Eagles can be inaugurated shortly for which our foundation could help to sponsor with 2 contribution activities/donations, the ceiling insulation and the electrics inside the house, the fencing a ... → more