Project 03/2024 Support for orphans in the small community “Verbeke Homes” Eldoret, Kenya

Together with the Kenyans Emily Verbeke and her sister Janet, we have been involved in some educational projects run by the “Verbeke Homes” for several years. The sisters founded a charitable association there, “Verbeke Homes”, in which orphans and street children and young people are taken in, integrated into a community and sent to school. In doing so, they give the children, some of whom have been housed there for years, the opportunity to receive an education and to learn a (craft-) profession and thus provide a way out of poverty. The small community supports itself through livestock farming and field cultivation. At a meeting today with the two sisters Emily and Janet, they described the current situation and their successful work to us.

Of the 9 children who sometimes live there, 4 children are permanently housed in the house. These are 3 ½ year old Shelin, who was assigned to them from a baby tray/baby hatch; 6-year-old Blessing, who was given to Verbeke Homes by her mother, who lives in extreme poverty. Blessing will start school this year; 11-year-old Daisy, who attends primary school in Mailine, a suburb of ElDoret. Janet is also a teacher there at the elementary school. Caren, who is now 17 years old and will soon be graduating from a boarding school, also lives in the Verbeke home during the school holidays. Caren was taken in by the Verbeke sisters in her early childhood, started school and, after primary school, was sent to a secondary boarding school. She comes “home” during the holidays and enjoys helping look after the younger children, cooking for them and helping with their school work. Since leaving the Verbeke Home, five young people have been able to attend higher schools. One former student started studying in London three years ago, successfully passed the bachelors exam and wants to continue studying there until he gets his masters degree. Another former student is studying electronics/engineering in Nairobi. Two others received craft training and one attended a secondary school in ElDoret.

Everything was made possible through donations from different donors that the Verbekes receive from time to time.

They need constant funding to maintain their home and the care and accommodation of orphans and needy children and young people. Since Janet teaches in the mornings at the primary school in Mailine, an assistant had to be hired and paid to look after the little ones in the meantime. As already mentioned, the small home is self-sufficient and cultivates the arable land provided using its crops. This is help for self-help. Everyone helps out after school.

At our meeting and conversation, we promised a donation of € 1,000.00 to support the Verbeke Home, for school education and to cover running costs.

We know from previous donations and reports from the sisters that our donation will be used appropriately and will directly benefit the childrens development.

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